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BPT trade stands for the highest quality thanks to European raw materials
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    we actively create the future

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    for the sake of the environment

  • Products with European raw materials

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Quality standard

Quality as a corporate strategy

We have our products produced with sustainable livestock management and respect for the environment in mind. We select our products according to the most suitable raw materials with the highest possible quality in connection with our marketability.

We ensure the best quality thanks to European raw materials

In order to meet our high quality standards, we have our products produced only in Europe. Our long-term partners produce in the near vicinity and thus secure local jobs.

What organic certifications do we have?

Organic certification overview

It is not easy to distinguish the certifications of the individual countries. We are happy to help with a small overview.

The Input list

is a proven source of information for organic farmers, consumers and consultants. The farm input list contains important information on product application and the manufacturer.

Organic certifications and guidelines

EASY-CERT approved Input

The EASY-CERT services input assessment is prepared in cooperation with the input team of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) Switzerland, FiBL Germany as well as FiBL Europe.

The aim is a consistent assessment of organic inputs in Europe. The evaluation of the products is basically based on Regulation (EU) No. 2018/848 as amended.

You can find out more at

FiBL Input List Switzerland

The input list is compiled by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in consultation with the competent authorities and with Bio Suisse. 

You can find out more at

FiBL Input List Germany

The Input List Germany lists input products that have been tested by FiBL Projekte GmbH experts for their compliance with the principles of organic agriculture with a view to their use in Germany.

You can find out more at


The BIO AUSTRIA Standard is an expression of the quality awareness and the quality understanding of BIO AUSTRIA farmers, which sets BIO AUSTRIA products apart from competitors and makes them distinctive. 

You can find out more at

Demeter Germany

Demeter farmers and producers achieve considerably more with biodynamic farming than the EU organic regulation prescribes. The state organic label, on the other hand, only sets the minimum standard for organic food.

You can find out more at

Gäa Germany

Since their creation at the end of the 1980s, the Gäa guidelines for producers have been a reflection of modern organic agriculture. They meet the requirements of the EC Organic Regulation and the IFOAM Basic Standards and are among the strictest in Germany. 

You can find out more at

Naturland Germany

Naturland's standards existed long before the first EU legal regulations on organic agriculture were adopted. Naturland's standards also cover areas that are not regulated in the EC organic regulation, such as the organic use of forests, textile and cosmetics production or social aspects via the social standards.

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