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The energy mix for cows and calves.

The 2 + 4 formula for an immediate boost and continual supply of energy
  • Fast and long-lasting energy supply

    thanks to several types of sugar

  • Promotes appetite

    and feed intake of cows

  • Highest digestibility

    especially for young animals

Eliminate energy deficiency, prevent ketosis

Especially after birth, cows are very often affected by an energy deficit. The consequences: significantly reduced milk yield and uneven growth of the young animal. Often, the energy deficiency increases to the point of ketosis. An early energy supply via the feed counteracts the resulting economic losses.

DIE KRAEFTIGE with isomaltulose molasses ensures energy supply


    DIE KRAEFTIGE isomaltulose molasses provides a balanced blend of highly digestible sugars that are broken down in different digestive regions.

    Two fast-acting sugars get cows back on their feet quickly. Four slow-digesting sugars, on the other hand, ensure a steady release of energy to the bloodstream.


    The DIE KRAEFTIGE-Powermix promotes appetite and causes a constant, overall higher feed intake of the cows. Thus, the animal receives all the necessary nutrients through the feed. Milk yield and protein content are improved.

    In the young animal, DIE KRAEFTIGE leads to a uniform and strong development. In addition, thanks to its low crude ash content, the feed is more digestible for young animals than molasses, for example.


    • Sweet taste, good acceptance

    • Acts quickly and persistently

    • Protects the rumen wall (without alcohol)

    • Well digestible

    • Fast effect on the positive intestinal bacteria (prebiotics)

How to use DIE KRAEFTIGE correctly:

Find your application areas

DIE KRAEFTIGE provides the animals with energy.

Feed for use in agriculture.

Select your animals and learn exactly how to apply DIE KRAEFTIGE ...

Dairy cows

300 - 500 g per cow per day; 2 weeks before to 6 - 8 weeks after calving

Beef cattle

100 - 300 g per animal per day


10 g per litre milk substitute feeder

Sheep, goats (females)

50 g per animal per day

Breeding sows, piglets, fattening pigs

10 - 25 kg per tonne feed



65 % Isomaltulose Molasses
34,8 % Water
0,2 % Potassium Sorbate


0,5 % Ash
15,8 MJ ME (beef)
10,0 MJ NEL (dairy)
14,5 MJ ME (pig)

Pack sizes

Canister 10 kg (liquid)
2 x 10 kg / box
4 x 10 kg / box
Pallet tank 1.100 kg (liquid)

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