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PLANT POWER Bio-Stimulant


Quality grows in your garden Starter set & concentrate

Energize plants, fruits and vegetables from root to leaf.
Save product variety and money. One product for all plant groups.
  • Activates soil life

  • For more resistance

  • For optimal growth

Why plant power (PflanzenKraft) ?

  • When soil life stands still, the soil is sluggish and compacted. Waterlogging and erosion occur.
    --> PflanzenKraft activates & revitalizes the microorganisms in the soil, for a living soil and helps the plant to absorb nutrients from the soil more easily and optimizes the water storage capacity.

    Plants have weak roots, are susceptible to disease and cannot withstand environmental stresses such as heavy rain, hail, heat or frost.
    --> PflanzenKraft increases the plant's ability of the plant against environmental influences and leads to faster regeneration.

  • Your benefit:

    • One product for all types of plants
      -> save product variety and money.

    • PFLANZENKRAFT improves root growth

    • PFLANZENKRAFT is based on natural raw materials

    • PFLANZENKRAFT provides support during weather and soil stress (hail, heavy rain, heat, drought, frost)

Recommendation for use:


5 ml plant power + 500 ml water
10 ml plant power + 1 L water

Apply at intervals of 1 - 2 weeks.


Spray on carefully, as spray stains may occur during spraying. Use up the prepared fertilizer solution completely in one application!
Young plants can be completely immersed in the diluted liquid to promote optimal growth.

Product data


Over 40 different vegetable and essential oils, kelp and herbal extracts. Made from guaranteed non-GMO raw materials.


100% biodegradable according to the expert opinion of the University of Innsbruck.

Organic suitability

PFLANZENKRAFT complies with Regulation (EU) 2018/848 as amended and is therefore approved for organic farming.

Pack sizes

Canister 10 l; 84 x 10 l / Pal.
Canister 25 l; 36 x 25 l / Pal.
Drum 200 l; 2 x 200 l / Pal.
Pallet tank 1.000 l


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