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PFLANZENKRAFT Lawn happiness

Provides a growth edge through optimal nutrient supply

Promotes root development: for a dense, deep green and healthy lawn with long-term effect.
  • Optimal growing

    through improved root growth

  • Activates soil life

    thanks to sufficient nutrient supply of the seedlings

  • For more resistance

    Supports with weather and soil stress

Optimize nutrient supply, increase yields - Energize your plants!

The nutrients stored in seeds are finite. Once they are used up, plants must take up nutrients from the soil in order to develop a powerful root system. A nutrient deficiency at this critical stage remains invisible at first, but inevitably means a loss of yield. A starter fertilizer counteracts the nutrient deficiency that often occurs in the cold, wet weather of spring - and thus secures your yields!

Optimal development

  • The effect

    PFLANZENKRAFT Rasenglück ensures the nutrient supply of the plants. Right from the start. The seedlings are supplied with the important nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc and iron.


    • To activate the soil life in the spring

    • To supply the seedling with the most important nutrients

    • To promote root formation and optimize water retention

    • To support the plant during the growing process

    • For faster regeneration and strengthening of the plant during environmental events, such as heavy rain, hail, frost

Recommendation for use:


- Horticulture
- Hobby gardening
- Lawns: Ornamental, utility, shade, sports or play lawns.

-> especially for dry lawns


1 kg of granules per 100 m2 area.

Fertilize 3 times from March to September (spring, summer and autumn fertilization) and additional application after lawn cutting on dry lawns.


Ensure even distribution!

Tip: Spread with a spreader.



24.8 % organic matter
5 % nitrogen (N)
24 % phosphorus (P2O5)
0,6 % potassium (K2O)
1,7 % calcium (CaO)
8.9 % magnesium (MgO)
1,2 % sulfur (SO3)
0,7 % Iron (Fe)
2 % Zinc (Zn)


Granule size:
0.5 - 2.0 mm

pH value:
5 - 6

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