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Promotes healing, care for the skin

DIE STARKE promotes healing after udder and udder inflammation.

Herbal extracts for natural well-being

Essential and herbal oils are a proven household remedy in veterinary medicine. For generations, knowledge of the warming, circulation-enhancing and "pulling" effects of herbal extracts has been passed down. Even today, the extracts are an excellent means to increase the well-being of animals in a natural way.

DIE STARKE relies on herbal extracts that are produced according to an old Swiss recipe. A balance of different essential and other natural oils promotes the regeneration process in the body.

Promotes natural healing


    DIE STARKE works by warming and promoting circulation on the one hand and "pulling" the hardening from the quarter on the other. When applied to the udder, DIE STARKE supports veterinary treatment and contributes to natural healing.


    DIE STARKE softens hardened quarters and promotes healing after udder inflammation. The animal care product can also be used for eczema that occurs on the inside of the thighs or at the base of the udder in performance cows.


    • Softens hardened quarters

    • Supports healing in case of eczema

    • No effect on the taste of milk, no waiting time

DIE STARKE acts with 100% natural ingredients

  • Plant oils

    bind toxins and have an anti-inflammatory effect

  • Essential oils

    have a calming effect and care for the skin

  • Shale oil

    dissolves hardening of the quarter

How to use DIE STARKE correctly:

Find your application areas

After udder inflammation

Apply thinly and rubb it into the udder twice daily about 1 week.

For skin care

Thoroughly clean the areas of skin, then thinly apply and rubb it in. Excellent for the inner thighs of dairy cows and the navel spots of young animals.



Animal care product for external use. Contains herbal and essentials oils, as well as shale oil.

Organic suitability

BLACKJELLY meets the requirements of regulation (EU) 2018/848 in the current version and is allowed for organic farming.

Pack sizes

Dosing pump 1.5 kg
8 x 1,5 kg / box
Bucket 10 kg

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