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Cool swellings, regenerate joints, prevent tendon damage

COOL: Quick, effective cooling for swelling
  • Effective help for swelling

    Microtears and tendon damage

  • Fast, effective cooling

    and reduction of swelling

  • Supports regeneration

    of stressed joints

Acetic clay: A unique combination of clay, apple cider vinegar and valuable essential oils: prevents micro-damage.

Bandages block natural heat dissipation, heat buildup occurs with high temperatures that can lead to micro-injuries and in the worst case, tendon damage.

What you're actually taking as protection for your horse from injuries, blows and other trauma is causing micro-injuries (for more on the study, see our blog post).

According to our veterinarian Kathrin, riders:inside have to choose between the risk of spontaneous injury or possible long-term tendon damage.

That's why we developed PegaNatur COOL specifically for you and your horse.

PegaNatur COOL is a unique combination of clay, apple cider vinegar and precious essential oils that provides long-lasting cooling and supports the regeneration of your horse's legs, protecting them from micro-injuries.

Our PegaNatur COOL can do even more: in an emergency, it helps with mild and acute swellings caused by sprains, bruises, high stress, long standing or insect bites.

You can also use PegaNatur's clay on swollen horse legs that form due to disorders in the lymphatic system.

We developed PegaNatur COOL together with veterinarians in Austria to help you keep your horse healthy and performing well for a long time. The product is 100% doping free.

COOL: Cooling and regeneration

  • The effect

    PegaNatur COOL fights swelling and cools stressed joints, tendons and muscles. At the same time, the regeneration of joint, tendon and muscle complaints is supported. For this purpose, DIE KUHLE combines acetic clay with herbal extracts produced according to an old Swiss recipe.

  • The benefit

    Thanks to its cooling and regenerating effect, PegaNatur COOL is ideal for promoting blood circulation and works with its 10 perfectly coordinated essential oils such as eucalyptus oil, among others, which has a decongestant effect and has been proven to relieve pain, rosemary oil as a little wonder weapon also promotes blood circulation and tightens the connective tissue in the long term.

  • The advantages

    • Rapid, effective cooling

    • Regeneration of stressed joints

    • Effectively prevents tendon tears and inflammation

    • Provides rapid well-being

PegaNatur COOL works with 100% natural ingredients

  • Apple cider vinegar

    has a cooling effect on injuries

  • Vegetable oils & herbal extracts

    promote regeneration in case of inflammation

  • Earth clay

    The evaporation of moisture removes heat from the body.

How to use PegaNatur COOL correctly:

Find your application areas

Healing swellings

Apply thickly to legs 2 - 3 times a day for the period of a week. Cools pleasantly and quickly. Swelling goes down quickly and noticeably.

Cooling swelling lungs and leg regeneration

Apply thickly daily after each training or ride. Do not apply to open wounds or mucous membranes. This will cause irritation to the horse.

Preventing tendon damage

Apply thickly 2x daily, allow to dry and fall off, or rinse with water or brush dry with a brush.

Product data


Animal care product for external use. Contains herbal extracts and acetic clay.


PegaNatur COOL entspricht der Verordnung (EU) 2018/848 in der jeweils gültigen Fassung und ist daher als Bio-Produkt gekennzeichnet.

Packaging units

Can 1,25 kg
6 x 1,25 kg / Karton

Can 2,5 kg
6 x 2,5 kg / Karton

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